About Vishri

” If ever the almighty wished to bless me, I want you as my daughter”

– That’s all he said and it was way beyond my scope of expectations.

Hello my lovely visitor !

First of all, thank you so much for your visit. I hope you’re  having a nice reading time. If not, please let me know.

I feel so glad to introduce myself as the wordsmith of this website. My name is Vishri and I’ve been wandering on this planet since December, 1997.

An always smiling girl, with too much happening inside my head, I’m a super bold and super competitive personality. I’m a rational mind with a pair of eyes which cry for the pettiest of things.

Here at my world, you will find no travelogues, no recipes, no gadget widget stories, but you will unravel the true feelings and beliefs of a young mind who has absolutely no clue of the adult world. As the author of this page, I am constantly trying to provide my readers a new insight to the life and its ways. Although, as a young girl with a super happening brain this website is my aid to discover myself and slowly break my cocoon to flutter my wings in the ‘adult world’.

And to you my reader, I promise every time you visit our world, somewhere I will strike you. You may not relate to everything you read, but I promise to trigger your cerebellum!

And most importantly, keep smiling. You look the prettiest when you smile !

Thank you !

Have a nice day !